Each section below describes how to use a part of the store.

All Stores

This is a list of stores with items for sale. A store groups like items together. You may purchase items from more than one store. Click the name of the store to see what items are available. Visit all stores.

Store Items

Lists items for sale within a store. Click the name of an item for more detail, or click "add to cart" to put an item in your cart.

My Cart

Lists all items in your cart, and the total cost for the items. Click "Remove from cart" on individual items or "Empty cart" to empty the cart. There are also links back to each store that has items in your cart. Once you are ready to purchase the items in your cart, click "Checkout" to enter information about yourself so we can contact you and ship your items. Visit your cart.


Asks for your name, address, and contact information before you make any payment. Click "Pay" to finalize your order. You will be redirected to the campus payment gateway to complete your purchase. We do not store any credit card information.


Payment is handled by the campus payment gateway. The School of Law never has access to your credit card number. Successful payment will send you a confirmation from the payment gateway, as well as a separate email from us indicating what you purchased.